Charlotte Raffo
Written by Charlotte Raffo
Published on 3rd April 2020
4 min read
Share the sound of your new commute, how to use your climbing skills to reach snacks, squid chat and more in our weekly round-up of purposeful news.

🐦 Between 8-9 am, join RSBP and Nature’s Voices by sharing the sights and sounds from your garden using #BreakfastBirdWatch. Beats the usual commute any day. 🐦 


🤔 What do we want life to be like after this is all over? A thought-provoking piece from The Inertia on why we need to look inwards when thinking about the future. 🤔


💡While we get to grips with video apps and endless conversations that start with “hey, Gary, can you mute yourself? Gary. Your mic is still on. Garrrry”, it’s a curious thing to learn how another species communicates - in the dark. 💡


🚵 Is cycling the best way to stay fit, get fresh and keep your distance? We think so. 🚵


⛺️ Yes! An excuse to make a den in the living room (as an adult). Join us for a midweek campout. ⛺️


🍪 And finally, check out champion climber Brooke Raboutou as she continues her training for the 2021 Olympics with the ‘Snack Traverse’. If you try it... film it and tag us. Go on. Please. 🍪