James Wight
Written by James Wight
Published on 9th May 2020
5 min read

In need of good news? One potential silver lining of the Covid-19 crisis is the anticipated acceleration of new green mobility initiatives. An urban environment teetering on the brink of positive change awaits, so there’s no better time to enjoy the feeling of human-powered, two-wheeled exhilaration than now.

In the wake of policy announcements committing significant investment in walking and cycling infrastructure across many cities in the world, an overhaul of how we move from A-B away from fossil-fuel-powered vehicles and towards healthier and more sustainable modes of transport is encouraging.

In the UK, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is pushing ahead with plans to widen existing pavements, extend the city’s cycling network and implement traffic-calming measures in residential areas;  “I urge the government and boroughs to work with us to enable Londoners to switch to cleaner, more sustainable forms of transport and reduce the pressure on other parts of our transport network once the lockdown is eased.” As if in response, today the UK Government committed an unprecedented £2billion of investment to support growth in cycling and walking. 

It’s happening, and this change is permanent. 

So, if you haven’t done so yet, now is the time to dust down that old bike, grease up the chain, don your helmet and get free-wheeling. If you’ve been ‘meaning to get a bike’ and still haven’t got round to it, or if you have a long-standing fear of braving the chaotic city streets on two wheels, fear no more! City choking cars remain locked up and unlikely to return to the streets overnight making for a cleaner, greener and safer cycling environment. And with social distancing making public transport unpreferable the next few weeks and months are a great opportunity to build up your confidence, get outside, and get exploring the city on two-wheels.

Photo: Roman Koester

What do you need to do to avoid gridlock and be part of a projected tenfold increase in distances cycled, compared with pre-coronavirus levels?

Am I allowed to cycle during Covid-19?

Yes, recreational cycling is still an option in the UK as a form of exercise once a day, provided you stay local and adhere to the government’s guidelines on social distancing.

I want a new bike for commuting to work post-pandemic, what should I get?
If you’re relatively new to cycling to work, look at hybrid / flat-bar bikes to start with, as they’re the best all-round commuting bike. Electric bikes are also an option but you wanna kill two birds and keep fit too don't ya?!

I do want to invest in a decent bike, but they're largely unaffordable for me...
The longstanding government Cycle to Work scheme enables many taxpayers to buy bicycles at deep discounts and is no longer capped at £1,000! You can save on the exact bike, components and accessories you need to cycle to work.

Photo: Mircea Lancu

A new golden age for cycling

From Bogota to Budapest, via Paris, Milan and London, we will hopefully see a long-awaited reclamation of our urban streets from choking cars. See you on the roads soon and sign up to our newsletter to receive more cycling tips and hear more about our own cycling trips and events, in partnership with Brake the Cycle.