This article is from Edition 12: Ride the Change - Cycle to COP26
Rosie Riley
Written by Rosie Riley
Published on 24th November 2021
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Ajai, who works in the Renewable Energy Industry, and has a passion for raising awareness on climate change, reflects on why signing up for Ride the Change was a no brainer. 

I had the fortune to meet Rosie and Shalyn at a yoga retreat in Essex in June 2021. At the retreat they organised a short bike ride which was made doubly difficult as my general health dropped a bit and I decided to do the ride on my Brompton!

In doing this ride and talking to them I learnt about Adventure Uncovered and what they were about. It really appealed to me and as my fitness improved over the summer my confidence and interest in doing one of their rides increased. But, if I'm being honest the prospect of doing a multiday cycle was a little daunting and I wasn’t even sure it was something I would enjoy!

But, then I learnt about the 'Ride the Change' cycle tour, from London to Glasgow, that Adventure Uncovered were supporting in relation to COP26. Because I work in the Renewable Energy Industry and have a passion for raising awareness on climate change, participating in such an event was a no brainer. Don't get me wrong I was still really concerned about my fitness levels and whether or not it would be fun however, talking with the Adventure Uncovered team and getting the all the answers I needed put my mind at ease and I signed up.

'The ride itself was quite simply one of the best things I have ever done.'

So having signed up I now had to make sure I could do it. With 8 weeks to prepare for the ride I got on my bike and started to get the miles in. A number of London to Box Hill round trips as well as cycling to Brighton from London put me in good stead for the challenge. Further to this the prospect of the ride motivated me to step up other forms of physical training and improve my diet resulting in my overall fitness getting much better. Yes, it did give me the excuse to buy some new cycling gear as well!

The ride itself was quite simply one of the best things I have ever done. The scenery was sublime, the fellow riders super friendly and the common sense of purpose drove us all forward.

I arrived in Glasgow, with my fellow cyclists, with a huge smile on my face and great sense of satisfaction. I was proud that despite challenges I completed the ride but in doing it made some great friendships and also learnt quite a bit also.