This article is from Edition 01: UK, Uncovered
Rosie Riley
Written by Rosie Riley
Published on 9th June 2020
2 min read

UK Adventure, Uncovered. The map is digital. We're all locals somewhere, and locals know best.

This was our thinking when we asked London-based artist Bryony Benge-Abbott to collaborate to make our UK Adventure, Uncovered map in February 2020. Let's face it, who doesn't love a map?

We took this map on a road trip (pre-Covid of course) around the Adventure Uncovered Film Festival locations. We asked you, the Adventure Uncovered community, to add your favourite local adventure spots to build a tapestry of UK adventure as we know it. 

Now we've gone electric - well, digital - which took some time!

It's a work in progress, but this is what you've given us so far.

Where are we missing? Where should we add? Get in touch with us at and we'll add your recommendation to the map. Let's hit 1,000 hotspots!

View a large version of the map here

View a large version of the map here