Charlotte Raffo
Written by Charlotte Raffo
Published on 17th April 2020
4 min read
The outdoor brands helping fight COVID-19, surfers and ocean activism, mindful colouring books and more in this week’s selection of adventure stories with a purpose.

🎬 First up. Why we decided, against all odds, to launch our 2021 Film Festival submission program. 🎬


🗻 With pollution levels decreasing across the world, is the cleaner climate a sign of things to come? Let's hope so. 🗻


🐳 Belinda Baggs, Liz Clark and Moona Whyte share how their lives as surfers have led them to a life of committed activism. 🐳

🏂 Adventure Travel Trade CEO gives his thoughts on when we’ll be adventuring again. 🏂


🎨 ‘Let your mind do the wandering’ with these free, outdoor-inspired colouring books from Millican - for adults and children alike. 🎨


🏊 World peace, number of lengths, your lunch? Bonnie Tsui, in her a new book ‘Why We Swim’, explores what we really think about when we’re swimming. 🏊


👏 And finally, hats off to these outdoor brands stepping up to help the fight against COVID-19. 👏